As a socially responsible corporation, SUMU Mobile understands the need to operate
in a way that maximizes benefits to our stakeholders rather than just our shareholders.
Accordingly, SUMU Mobile utilizes its brand and resources to facilitate positive
engagement and investment into community building endeavors. These include, but
are not limited to:
Digital Entrepreneurship and Incubation – SUMU Mobile is fully convinced of
the growing role of digital technologies for sustainable development. We are
taking all the needed steps to contribute to the rise of young digital entrepreneurs
in communities we serve. SUMU Mobile expects these digital entrepreneurs to
be significant contributors to reducing poverty and improving standard of living in
local communities. Digitalization can also create opportunities in sectors such as
cultural and creative industries which employ proportionately greater numbers of
young people and women. SUMU is working with local developers to access the
global market by using the SUMU Mobile smartphones as platforms to showcase
their products. Our Smartphones come with preloaded applications as well as the
technical capacity to develop applications. SUMU Mobile is currently working
toward the establishment of a coding school and incubator for gifted technical
minds In the Global South.
Local Entrepreneurship Training – The active training of young entrepreneurs
in communities we serve through free seminars, workshops and training
sessions aimed at fostering individual and business competency building.
Through this program achieved with our local partners such as Kombiko
Partners, we are able to not only gain responsible business partners but also
facilitate sustainable commercial activity.
Financing and facilitation of economic and social empowerment for
women living in rural areas
– This is done through SylMedia’s provision of
delayed payment capital loans, skill specific training, maternity clinic scheduling
and local language consultation to foster improved outcomes for women living
in the world’s most marginalized regions.
Educational efforts to reduce the occurrence and impact of child
abduction, female rape, and child slavery in underdeveloped parts of the
– Sylmedia is committed to ensure that none of its labor is facilitated by
or goes to benefit child slavery. This includes working closely with local
suppliers and vendors to ensure compliance with legislation, best practice
standards, and company policy regarding these issues.